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Topshop Watch 2011: Workers Erect Scaffolding!

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Walking down Michigan Ave this morning, we saw a little movement in the soon-to-be Topshop space. Since Borders had flown the coop and the windows became frosted, the space has been pretty quiet. Every now and then we peer into the windows and see blue prints lying on a makeshift table or woodland creatures scurrying about, but today we saw actual people. And those people were wearing neon yellow vests with reflective and orange trim and hardhats in all colors of the rainbow. The fifteen or so workers were erecting scaffolding which had apparently had started being constructed from the Pearson Street entrance. Our understanding is that the scaffolding will be two stories high and may have a graphic vinyl on it. The current condition of the scaffolding is a deep green painted plywood and distressed metal tubing on both the east and south sides of the building.
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Top Shop

830 N Michigan Avenue, Chicago IL