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Debbie and Isaac Take the #SYWBAD Contestants to Threadless

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The designers received their first 'in the field' challenge at 9am yesterday morning live on Kenmore's Facebook. The challenge: A field trip to Threadless HQ to pick out five tee shirts per contestant tee-shirts to re-purpose into this week's creation. Each contestant also received $150 for any extra materials they might need to bring their intended designs to life. The contestants are all in the studio sewing, pinning, and plotting here at the studio creating throughout the day today. You can watch them live via Kenmore's Facebook page and click the "Be a Designer" tab. You can even hear what they are talking about! Apparently two of the contestants slept in the "Dream Tent" all night, so that they could begin sewing as soon as possible this morning. All designs must be completed by high noon tomorrow, at which point they will be tossed in the washing machine before the next webisode tapes at 7PM in the studio.

· Threadless [Official Site]
· Kenmore [Facebook]

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