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Arti Sandhu Walks Us Through 'ZERØ Waste: Fashion Re-Patterned'

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Last week we caught up with artist and curator, Arti Sandhu at Leviton A+D Gallery for for a guided tour at the opening of her latest curation, ZERØ Waste: Fashion Re-Patterned. This exhibition explores the ideas of responsibility and sustainability in hopes that the audience will reflect on the need for clothing and the purpose for such quantity of it.

The beauty of the ZERØ Waste exhibition is the marriage of art and design in the relation to textiles and fashion. Each participating exhibitionist was chosen based on the ways they research and reflect their practice in the design process and philosophy.

Exhibiting artists include Nick Cave of Chicago, Derick Melander of New York and Timo Rissanen of The New School in New York. Exhibiting designers include Padmaja Krishnan of Mumbai and Calcutta and Holly McQuillan of New Zealand. The two design houses that round out the show with pieces that make the show as spectacular in concept as it is touted to be are Antwerp's pride, Maison Martin Margiela and Refinity + Berber Soepboer based in the Netherlands.

Indian-born curator, Arti Sandhu studied fashion at NIFT in Delhi and Nottingham Trent University in the UK only later in her career to go on as a lecturer in Wellington, New Zealand before moving to Chicago to continue her practice. She is inspired by Madhubhani folk art and the modern day Indian dilemma.
· Arti Sandhu [Flickr]

Leviton A+D Gallery

619 S Wabash, Chicago IL