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Things We're Happy About: Oprah's Manolo Blahniks

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On a recent jaunt down to the Oprah Store kiosk on the second floor of Water Tower Place, we happened upon a gem that we couldn't help but drool over. In the ever revolving selection of items from The Oprah Store's line called Oprah's Closet, sourced from where else but Oprah's closet, we saw a pair of strappy Manolo Blahniks. Kept behind glass, this pair of mint colored heel sandal comes in a size 40 1/2 with a certificate of authenticity that assures that they were worn by Oprah. One may think, the Queen of daytime TV doesn't have enough time to leave her throne to break in a pair of Manolos on a West Loop sidewalk, but on the contrary, the soles look loved in all the right places. There is even a scuff on the tip of the right toe and for $300 they could be yours.
· Oprah Store [Official Site]

Oprah Store

835 N Michigan Ave, Chicago Il