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Last Day at Borders: Reject Magazines and Tears of Joy

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Sadly, today is the last day of business for the Borders Books and Music at the intersection of Clark, Diversey and Broadway. In the last few hours, workers told us that they're all moving on to bigger and better things leaving Borders in the rear-view mirror with tears of joy. With this epoch transition, as reported earlier this week are discounts. At this time, all remaining merchandise is 90% off and will either be headed to the dumpster in the alley that connects Clark and Broadway or be shipped to Borders' only remaining location in the nearby area at 150 N State Street.

Perusing the selection of merchandise, it was unclear if the titles left on the shelves were an over-order or just unwanted, regardless, a happy-sadness was filling the harts of the few shoppers in the store. Among the leftovers we saw Australian Smocking which provides inspiration and resources to all 'country bumpkin' embroidery and crafts enthusiasts. Also, Atlas & Gazetter roadmaps for Missouri and Kentucky (not for the 17% of Americans who use GPS). Along the same lines, we found road maps and pop-out maps of Iraq, which was no surprise that they were still there. Cemetery Dance, a horror and suspense comic publisher, and stacks of the February issue of Time Out Chicago which features photos of Time Out readers who need dates. The most useful of all, though is most likely the True West 2011 source book for western trends called Best of the West.
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