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Model Mommy Bloggers Step Out From Behind the Computer on This Week's #SYWBAD

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The plot thickened last night at Kenmore's Live Studio where one contestant on the reality web TV show, So You Wanna Be A Designer was eliminated. This week host, Debbie Jagel and co-host, Isaac King's challenge for the remaining contestants to make a transitional outfit for one of five model mommy bloggers were brought in as models. The goal was to have a bespoke outfit that they were able to wear doing what they do in their busy lives as entrepreneurs, moms, and writers. Wether it was raising two kids, traveling on a book tour, or being newly slimmed to a healthy weight, the contestants worked non-stop for two days on garments that fit their assigned mommy-blogger's size and personality.

Judges this week were Elaine Cohen, Steve Miller, and Lily Berelovich who all spoke favorably of LaTonya Williams', Anna Hovet's, and Jessica Davis' designs.
The rock in the stomach though, went to Stephen Curd's design for Esther Crawford, founder of Sheposts who was eliminated for his design which main criticisms were bunching in the skirt.

Adam Fitz and his pop-rock quartet played between segments as the models were preparing to be judged, and Debbie and Isaac were grilling the remaining contestants about their lives, and asking them what they gave up to participate on the show. With emotion in their voices and tears in their eyes, the audience could see how much it meant to them to be a contestant on the show.

The model mommy bloggers included Miss Lori, a dynamite personality from Chinatown in Chicago, sweet Esther Crawford hailing from Milwaukee, the reserved and stately Valerie Loftin from Tinley Park, Leah Segedie writer of Mamavation in Los Angeles, and new media expert and author of Mom Blogging for Dummies, Wendy Piersall.

Although we're not sure who the #SYWBAD models, judges, or celeb appearances on next weeks episode will be, we do know to expect a socially conscious engine-revving reveal and a big surprise ending involving true runway style.
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