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Fashion Chicago at Union Station

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Tonight from 6pm-10pm, StyleChicago will be hosting the annual Fashion Chicago at Union Station. Attendees will be able to stick it to the man by not having to pay Chicago's 9.75% tax rate on top locally made apparel, jewelry and accessories. In addition, you get to drink the weekend off on the right foot with Peroni, HobNob Wines and cocktails by Tequila Avion and Prairie Organic Vodka.

A $35 ticket for entry, only available online, gets you access to latest designer's collections including RÜCH, Kate Boggiano, Borris Powell, Kristin Hassan, Susan Elizabeth Designs, Evlove Intimates, Zamrie, Lara Miller, Brynn Capella, K. Amato, Nora del Busto, Studio 5p1t, Heidi Hess, ellu. handbags, Crescendo Apparel, Squasht by Les, jules, Lily & Migs, CC Bella, Objets d'Envy, Buckle Up Babe!, Shernett Swaby, InsideOut, Mohop shoes, and The Denim Lounge featuring Henry & Belle [Racked Inbox]