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Video: Univore's Champagne Taste is About Being Pulled Over by the Police on Lakeshore Drive

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We've been intrigued for a while now about Chicago-based duo Univore, a self-described aesthetic enterprise with a concentration in original music and video production. The gentlemen who comprise Univore are David Bachmann and Nicholas Flandro with appearances by Florence-born Marco Casale. This video from Univore's Casale Project is a supposed true story about Marco's close friend from Italy, Giovanni getting pulled over by the cops on Lakeshore Drive.

Analyzing the tags on their Youtube music videos like "exclusive", "????????????????????", "sexy", "fashion", "champagne", and "Lakeshore Drive" we're not sure how this isn't one of the most telling anthropological bits of the subversive fashion-concious community in Chicago.

Our sources tell us that in this video, the tuxedo Marco is wearing is Giorgio Armani and the champagne was Andre, in which is actually qualifies more as a California sparkling hobo wine than Champagne.
· Univore [Official Site]

Lakeshore Drive

2400 N Lakeshore, Chicago Il