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Where You Can You Buy Karl Lagerfeld & Rachel Bilson's Favorite Performance Enhancing Ice Cream

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Ever since Racked NY got to attend the screening for Magnum ice cream's premiere for three short films directed by Karl Lagerfeld, we've kind of been obsessing over Magnum. The films stars are O.C.'s Rachel Bilson, French model, Baptiste Giabiconi, and of course, a Magnum ice cream bar.

Apparently, as Rachel and Baptiste have figured out, (but they're not the first) Magnums will enhance many of your abilities as shown in the series of Karl's three short films. In the first film, Rachel plays a student art school who is drawing poorly, only after she eats a magnum, her drawing ability improves. In the second short film, Rachel plays a famous ballerina who after dancing her heart out, can't wait to get back to her dressing room to indulge in a Magnum. And the third is about a model who is being photographed by Baptiste and takes a short inspirational break to get her sugar levels back up.

The shorts launched the sale of Magnum by Unilever in the United States. So over the weekend your loyal Racked reporters went searching for where in Chicago you can buy Magnum Ice Cream. As of right now, there are only four stores and they're all Walgreen's. The first is 2828 N Harlem Ave in Elmwood Park and 8700 S Kedzie both of which are not within city limits. The two other Walgrizzles that sell them that are in Chicago are in Chicago- 5140 W Diversey and 6809 W Belmont.

The only short film that has been released beyond the TriBeCa Film Festival right now is "Photo Mood". The second and third films, "Art Class" and "Applause" are coming soon along with other retail locations closer to an accessible neighborhood. The price of a single Magnum is $2.39 plus tax or $4.99 plus tax for a box of three.
· Magnum [Official Site]


1601 N Wells Street, Chicago, IL 60614 312 642 4008 Visit Website


6809 W Belmont, Chicago Il