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Swing Into Monkey Bar Gym: Now Open

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Last Saturday, Racked made our way to the grand opening of Monkey Bar Gym, where enjoying movement and feeling like a kid have never been so accessible (being made fun of like a kid, however, is thankfully not included).

Stepping into the wide-open space was like stepping back into grade school. A vibrant red mat, rows of monkey bars, yellow balls, resistance bands and happy, smiling people instantly set this gym apart. People aren’t members here: they are family.
Based on a healthy way of life that doesn’t involve free weights or machines (just monkey bars, rings, several harnesses and plenty of functional movement), Monkey Bar Gym allows adults to swing and play during their one hour group classes, restorative Eischens yoga, and the recommendation of a plant-based diet. Mixed martial arts is also offered.

Creator Jon Hinds knows what it means to be fit and healthy. “The fitness industry is isolating and boring. It’s broken,” he said. With isolation of the body comes isolation of the mind. “We need to enjoy the way we move again. We need to eat healthier food. We need to help each other.”

Starting Saturday, April 30, MBG is launching their 30-day Lean & Green challenge, where people can take unlimited classes, restorative Eischens yoga and receive plant-based nutrition guidance.

Biggest Loser’s Season 5 at-home Chicago winner Bernie Salazar is an MBG advocate. The smile on his face and the sweat drenched t-shirt were blatant testaments. This is no ordinary gym. -Rea Frey
· Monkey Bar Gym [Official Site]