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Shrine Now Carrying Their Own Branded Lines of Leather Accessories, Silk Bowties, Felt Pocket Squares

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Recently, Shrine on Oak got the first shipment of their new branded leather goods. The line is all environmentally friendly vegetable tanned hyde from Florence. The new line has styles of duffles, laptop bags, wallets, shoulder bags, leather-covered flasks, portfolios and luggage which are available in tan, brown and black.

We're told by the expert staff at Shrine, the process of vegetable tanning high quality leather has been steeped in natural mixtures of bark, woods, fruits or leaves and then stretched over a few months time. This method has been around since 400 B.C.E. but refined within the past two centuries and improved upon by companies like Azais in France and Peroni in Italy. The entire process of making a product from a vegetable tanning process of this type can take up to six months whereas the less natural method, chromium tanning takes one to three weeks. After this, each Shrine branded bag or wallet is hand stitched and most products are lined with leather. The spring leather products just arrived alongside Shrine's new branded silk bowties and felt pocket squares. All of these exclusive products were ordered in limited quantities (in some cases only two of each) and buyers for the spring edition of the pocket squares are currently being wait listed - trust us - you're going to want to get on the wait list. The styles in Shrine's new leather line cost from $1,200 for twenty inch carry-on luggage to $150 for a trifold wallet. Most of the new spring products aren't listed on the website yet so your best bet is to go into the shop and check it out in person.
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