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The Latest Episode of So You Wanna Be A Designer: Michael is Eliminated in Threadless Challenge

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In case you missed last week's webisode of So You Wanna Be A Designer, we're here to give you the recap. You may recall last week's post highlighting the contestants' trip to Threadless headquarters in the West Loop where they were able to pick out t-shirt designs to tear apart and re-sew with $150 of materials into a dress for their model. Last Thursday night was the nerve racking elimination round featuring Hey Champ Music, salon owner, Michael Anthony, and of course, Threadless.

The judges for that show were Charlie Festa and Brianne Hattaway from Threadless who gave Michael Pazmino the boot for his dark hooded dress. Props to LaTonya, Stephen and Anna and Jessica for their high scores which move them onto the next round.

The live stream of the elimination was tame enough as the contestants are still getting to know each other. We expect that this week as the pack thins, tensions will start to become apparent. Our bets lie on Tonya snapping at LaTonya or Anna and Stephen getting into a cat fight over a androgynous tunic misplaced in Debbie's accessory closet. We're on the edge of our seats.

If you want to keep up with this madness, you can tune in tomorrow morning, when contestants will receive Debbie and Isaac's assignment and work nonstop until Thursday at noon when their creations have to be put to the test going into Kenmore's washer and dryer for the next elimination round which will be judged by Thakoon.
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