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Haberdash is Making Their First Ever Look Book

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Last Friday we caught wind of a photoshoot happening in the stockroom at Haberdash in the Tree Studios so we decided to head over and check it out. It was the making of the very first Haberdash look book. We won't give away the surprise, but some of the compositions by Noah, the store manager, were spot on - as usual.
The first look we saw were a Gant Rugger bathing suit and madras shirt layered atop a New England chambre lightweight popover shirt. The shoes for this one were a pair of laceless Keds and vintage Chicago based products as props such as a case of Half Acre, a Radio Flyer wagon and a transistor radio.

The second look (pictured) was an L.B.M. 1911 blazer and the pants by Grown and Sewn of NY. The shirt was Haberdash's private label with Gitman Brothers sinched at the neck with an Italian-made tie from Haberdash garnished with a pocket square also from Haberdash's private line. The prop used in this shot is a Dutch-inspired Civia Loring which is made in Minnesota and borrowed from Chicago retailer, J.C. Lind Bike Co on Wells.
· Haberdash [Official Site]
Photography by Ryan Plett


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