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Things We're Happy About: Fashionable Tool Bags

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Earlier this week, on a jaunt to the South Loop, we stopped in Entourage Man, while just browsing, we found a few amazing travel bags that we've never seen before. As we walk up to it, we find that they are in all truth, tool bags and had just barely been taken out of the box. Billed as a working man's tool bag, these rugged canvas beauties were custom made in limited edition colors by Heritage Leathers in California exclusively for Entourage Man. Owner, Willie Davis tells us, the store only ordered six bags, all in a different colors, and all with an adjustable shoulder strap. Each canvas color and tone of leather combination have never before been paired together. The available colors are red, navy, tank, and cream all with tan leather 18" in length and cream with black leather 16" in length.
· Entourage Man [Official Site]

Entourage Man

1355 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL