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Evlove Intimates: Where You Can Design Your Own Panties

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Earlier this week, your loyal Racked reporters landed up on the north side at the home office of designer Jenny Dombroski, creator of Evlove Intimates, a Chicago-based online store where women can create their own lingerie and loungewear.

Have you always fantasized about being a designer for a day? Or are you tired of Victoria’s Secret? Then look no further. With Evlove’s exclusive custom design concept, you can create lingerie and loungewear that suits your own personality (not Victoria’s).

Best known for her bridal and bachelorette parties, Jenny offers a brilliant service for those looking to add personal touches to items they wear every single day. The best part? Her clothes combine comfort and style. They celebrate the beauty and sensuality all women possess. They make great gifts. And instead of buying something from a department store hanger, you are creating pieces that are durable, beautiful and specifically designed just for you.

Created in 2007, Evlove Intimates is gearing up for the bridal season and shifting more towards fashionable sleepwear. “Women love our sleepwear. My lounge pants are my hottest item.”

As big fans of sleepwear, we understand. What’s better than being in glorified pajamas all day? We do not object.

“I want women to appreciate and celebrate their bodies. People think of lingerie as a special occasion. I want them to adorn their bodies in pretty underthings.”

And pretty underthings they are. With a simple click of a button, you can choose your size, style, fabric, and trim. A perfect gift for that special woman (or women) in your life, Evlove offers a unique spin to necessary apparel.

What’s next for Evlove Intimates? “Hopefully expanding to L.A. and New York,” Jenny explains. If you want to stay in the loop, she encourages her customers to stay in touch on her Facebook or if to create your own design you can visit Jenny on her site. -Rea Frey
· Evlove Intamates [Official Site]

Evlove Intimates

5445 N Sheridan, Chicago, IL