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Apple Naperville Loses $30,000 of Merchandise to Burglars

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Earlier this week in Naperville, for the third time in eight months, five masked and hooded burglars slammed the front door of the Naperville Apple store and stole 30,000 dollars worth of electronics within one minute.

All three robberies were committed in the same way, the robbers gained access to the store in the same way by breaking through the front door. The combined amount of stolen product of all three robberies which took place in September and January totals over $80,000.

The Naperville police will not release surveillance video of the burglary at Apple's request. The store will not comment on matters of security but it is rumored that Apple has security tracking devices in all their store displays that can remotely be disabled. Naperville police said they have made suggestions on security, but so far no additional security measures have been taken. With a rash of Apple burglaries across the country in recent months, the FBI is now involved. Anyone with information related to the theft is encouraged to come forward and may be eligible for a $1000 reward.
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