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This Week on #SYWBAD: Thakoon and a Fake-Out Elimination

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This week's challenge for the five remaining So You Wanna Be A Designer contestants was simple- based on the ideas of Thakoon, create a timelessly feminine design in two days. Last night at the Kenmore Live Studio, the contestants' designs were critiqued by three stylish Chicagoans as the audience was treated to a presentation by Thakoon and music by Tom Schraeder and His Ego. Judges were celebrity stylist, Teri Tkachuk, salon owner, Michael Anthony and blogger, Monica Dimperio.

In lead-up video interviews of the judges, we were warned they'd be Simon Cowell-esque in their critiques, but in our opinion, this week's judging session was similar to bunnies nibbling at each others' ears and stroking each other's egos. The most harsh comment we caught was that Jessica's hemlines were unfinished and the overall garment looked like a bon bon. Top scorers in this challenge were Jessica, who earned herself a combined score of 63, LaTonya had 69, and Stephen with the highest score at 73 points. The winner of the challenge was LaTonya's design which she says embodied bold elegance and every woman's strength. A close runner-up was Stephen's garment with an incredible amount of hand beading which Terri compared to Coca-Cola because "of a taste you can trust."

After announcing the contestants who were safe from elimination, host, Debbie Jagel, along with co-host Isaac King, breaks the news to Jessica and Anna that their efforts didn't meet expectations, therefore one of them was to be eliminated. The two girls embraced each other as Debbie opened the envelope with large gestures and declared Jessica safe. Just before Anna could shed a tear, in a sudden save, Debbie and the judges interjected and saved her from being eliminated. Debbie cited that sparing someone from elimination can only be done once in the competition.

Thakoon's presentation was made-up of three looks from his current spring / summer collection that featured front clasps, and hand lacing on white latticed and sun-faded denim fabrics. The outfits were complimented by woven and wrapped suede heels which were given special attention to by Debbie. Without a doubt, the best piece of the night was Thakoon's matte silkscreened sequined snakeskin dress that made a faint wispy hissing noise when it moved on the body of the model.
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