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Stampede of Bridezillas: Filene's Basement Annual Running of the Brides

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Women were waiting in line since 3pm yesterday afternoon and came from as far away as Rockford, Columbus, Indianapolis, Boston, and Denver for the single most chaotic sale of the year: Running of the Brides where oodles of brides get designer dresses at bargain prices. Some camp out overnight to be one of the first through the doors, or some arrive later in the day for less of a life-changing experience.

The line outside of Filene's Basement on State Street this morning, at its longest point, wrapped around onto a third side of the building. Consistently throughout the line, attendees were clamorous, not minding the rain, and intensely set on their goals of dress trying and buying. Each group of women was plotting out a game plan and rehearsing their huddle and try-on methods to be executed upon entry to the store. Camera crews, photographers, and Slim Fast representatives were riling up the women and poking fun at some really, really nice husbands and fathers. Five minutes before the doors were open at 8am, Slim Fast made one bride-to be very happy by raffling a ticket to the front of the line.

Throughout the seemingly never ending chaos, we only saw one bride fall down the escalator, one bridesmaid got kicked in her shin and there was one fight in the north east corner of the store that was broken up or dissipated before we were able to see it. Filene's sales associates were holding onto racks so as not to get washed away with the current of dresses, and some Slim Fast employees and onlookers were hunkering near the cash wraps or perched on stationary store fixtures.

Mermaid, princess, strapless, embroidery, maroon, you name it, Filene's had it and the brides scooped up and hoarded every cut in every size they possibly could in hopes for the perfect dress. The most organized groups would move the store fixtures to make a shielded fortress-of-sorts to prevent other groups from seeing what they were up to. We left the sale when we got caught on a hanger from someone rushing past us with a dress, but if we had stayed all morning surely we would have got to see some pretty magical moments and really happy brides.
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