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Wal-Mart Cooperates With SELVN; Still Met With Opposition; Tunney Might be in Hot Water

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Last night a group of more than one hundred people comprised of Lakeview East and Southeast chambers, Southeast Lake View Neighbors Association, representatives of the Broadway at Surf Shopping Center and a lawyer from Wal-Mart met to discuss an agreement of the controversial purposed Wal-Mart store.

The community agreed to legally limit the proposed store to a maximum 33,395 square feet. It will also prevent Wal-Mart from expanding there, but still letting neighboring stores to sign larger leases. The one clause that was not included in the agreement was that it was ok for Wal-Mart to close the store prior to its lease being up if it is sales are not up to snuff.

Alderman Tom Tunney didn't want to reveal his personal feelings about the situation at the meeting but a few members of the community we spoke with feel Alderman Tom Tunney has turned his back on his constituents by saying that Wal-Mart is setting up shop regardless of the community opposition. This being said, Tunney is supportive of a healthy dialogue and constructive events that involve Wal-Mart, the chambers, the associations, and the rest of the community.
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