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In Case You Missed It: Last Week's Episode of #SYWBAD

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Last week in the Kenmore Live Studio, episode seven of Debbie Jagel and Isaac King's web reality series was being taped live. With musical interludes provided by Gemini Club the challenge was "Designing for Debbie." Over the course of the show, the three remaining contestants has had plenty of time to get to know Debbie and for last week's they had to design a piece that embodied her style. LaTonya went with a dramatic black lace gown with a lace train and a bold green paisley jacket. Tonya created a silky suit jacket, jacquard shorts, and unbelievably gorgeous fringy fancy spats. Jessica created a versatile convertible flapper-esque short dress.

The judges for this challenge were california-based bloggers Heather and Jessica from gofugyourself who voted as one, and Tyler Jagel (Debbie's son, brought on as an expert on Debbie's style) and Wade Childress from Steward Talent (aka Elite Models).

In a major upset, LaTonya left the show for her design. Touted as having the best construction and patterning skills out of all contestants, we're surprised that she was sent home but the competition is thick and the finals are this week.
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