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Comet Vintage Opens in Pilsen This Week

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In the same little cluster as Pilsen Vintage, Pollo Express, Knee Deep, and Preservation Society, a new vintage resale shop, Comet is about to open in the vintage sweet spot we know as the heart of Pilsen.

The official name of the store, Comet Vintage is given its namesake after a folkloric superstition that great wines are made in the years of really great comets. In these years, like the year of Halley's Comet, The Great Comet of 1106, Donati's, Seki-lines, etc., the changes in tides, the moon, and the soil is altered by the presence of the comet and makes wines a "Comet Vintage". The goal with this new vintage store as the name alludes to is to get some of the best across the board.

When you enter the space previously occupied by an auto parts store, the sea foam green walls are clad with peg board and the original tin ceiling is painted a pearlescent white. The space goes on through five spaces and two closets. Before Comet owners Jamie and Jen took over the space the laminate floors were taken out which left the original wood that is now a deep buttery varnished.

The selection ranges from dainty powder blue embroidered flower dresses to glitzy frocks, short sleeve plaid button-ups for men, windbreakers, secretary blouses and we're not even mentioning the vintage furniture, housewares, luggage, and lighting. That's right folks, coffee mugs with floral motifs.

The range of price for Comet is for garments $8 to $40 while housewares hover around $30. Jamie and Jen are soft opening tomorrow with an exclusive invite-only party from 6pm-12ampm and a public opening party on Friday in conjunction with the Pilsen Art walk from 6pm-12am and Saturday will dive in head first with regular business hours; 11am-9pm. Sundays and weekdays are 11am-8pm.
· Comet [Facebook]