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SYWBAD Grand Finale

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Tonight the epic $20,000 grand prize show-down between SYWBAD contestants Jessica and Tonya will unravel live at the Kenmore Studio. This week's grand finale band is Liquid Soul, and the ultimate judges are Elda De La Rosa, Raul Penaranda, and Bobby Simmons! Debbie and Isaac are having the studio roll out the red carpet with a swanky champagne after party! We're sure its going to be packed and a boozy see and be seen scene so show up early-ish and wear something daring. We're expecting some surprises, we can't tell you what we heard they'll be but if you can't get in you can always tune in live on Kenmore's Facebook. [Racked Inbox]

Kenmore Live Studio

678 North Wells, Chicago, IL 60654 312-265-0871

Kenmore live Studio

678 N Wells Street Chicago, IL