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What Are The Eight Retail Shops Using Groupon's New Location-Based App Today?

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Some of the first retail stores ever to be using Groupon's new location-based mobile deal app Groupon Now are an eclectic group of shops spread throughout the eastern part of the city and there are only eight of them as of 9:45 this morning.

Monnalisa Clothing on Oak is offering a 50% deal today, while nearby Adele Dallas Orr Boutique on Michigan Ave is offering 33%, Eye Society Chicago in River North is offering 41%, Arts and Artisans on Wacker is offering 30%, Mali Jewelry on Michigan Ave across from Millennium is offering 50%, and Tucker Inc. in the Jeweler's Row is selling $500 for $375. South of the border (Roosevelt) we've got Workshop in Pilsen offering %25 off clothing and accessories while just southwest we see Kate Coxworth at Kate Boggiano on Canalport is offering %25 as well.

Groupon Now, although you can update your Groupon App in the App Store is fairly easy to use online too. So if you aren't in Chicago on the eastern part of the city and you want to see how well it works, we'll walk you through the steps:
-Go to Groupon Now
-Enter your zip code
-Click on what you want to do (shopping obviously)

While the first shops are few, one of the most interesting parts about Groupon Now is that retailers can control on a whim if they want to offer a deal. So at 9:45am when we checked, there were only eight participating businesses. At 11:00am it could be 45 businesses. We think, even if retailers don't think it would be smart for business sales-wise it may be good publicity since Chicago is the only market to have this technology right now. Let's be honest, retailers and restauranteurs from all over the world are on Groupon Now today seeing how it works and what types of businesses are using it.
· Groupon Now [Official Site]


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