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The Grand Finale of #SYWBAD; a Red Carpet, Balloon Drop Plus a $20,000 prize

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In a dramatic end to an emotional first season, So You Wanna Be A Designer has concluded with an oversize novelty check and some pretty impressive fanfare. We arrived to a red carpet celebration complete with a searchlight, hors d'oeuvres, champagne, and at the climax; a balloon drop.

Throughout the season we've been following the contestant's journeys as they've progressed as designers and competed week by week whittling don the competition. From sleepovers in the dream tent to juice stains on dresses, we've seen some of the best Facebook live streaming ever. From near cat fights and teary eyes to joyous team building moments supporting charities, we feel all of the involved designers will go on to bigger things.

On last night's episode, the tension was thick and the Live Studio was packed to the gills. The Challenge was to simply create "one winning runway design". The design did not have to be machine washable but the designer did have to stick to a $150 budget.

Tonya, who created a black on black diagonal striped shear pant with a leather low-cut bustier and Jessica who made a high slitted navy gown with cordage embellishments. The designs were judged by Edgewater-based designer Elda De La Rosa, New York-based designer Raul Penaranda, and Owner of Succezz and retired NBA player Bobby Simmons. The online votes together with the judges scores totaled an unreleased number that was announced to be a tie. In tie-breaking mode, an authoritative suited man most likely employed by a third party accounting firm whispered the into Debbie's ear and let her know a decision has been made. The winning design was Tonya. As Emily, the social media goddess handed over the oversize novelty check issued to Tonya for $20,000, we also remembered that the winning designer also receives the Kenmore Elite washer and dryer that Emily had been sitting atop the entire series.
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