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Cubs Players Head to Denim Lounge After Game; Sign Autographs; Show Us Their Jeans

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Yesterday evening, after the game, Cubs fans and blue jeans fanatics swarmed to the new Denim Lounge in Roscoe Village for their grand opening celebration. Cubs outfielders Reed Johnson and Tyler Colvin were in the store to sign autographs for style-hungry ball fans and shoppers who made a $20 donation to the ASPCA. Included with the donation was one raffle ticket per person to win a $400 gift certificate to The Denim Lounge.

As seasoned Wrigleyville shoppers, we were curious about who Reed and Tyler were wearing. We asked them to turn around so that all the fans could check out their (ahem) denim which they told us they bought at (of course) Denim Lounge. We recall something about the t-shirts being bought there too but we were still looking at their denim. Ah, and incase you were wondering Tyler was wearing Sevens and Reed was wearing Joe's.

Shoppers were excited to see shirts and jeans in the custom-built wave wall which displays brands like VelvetMen, Life/After/Denim, J Brand, Rufus, and AG. Everything in the store was marked at 20% off and shoppers snacked on Chicago-style pizza while forecasting the upcoming season.
· Denim Lounge [Official Site]

Denim Lounge

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