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Breaking: Lego Opening Next Door to American Girl Place in Water Tower Place

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For the past few weeks we've been keeping an eye on this storefront on the second floor of Water Tower Place mall between Cusp by Neiman Marcus, and American Girl Place. Yesterday morning a new development on the space had come to our attention and we're very excited about it: Denmark-based Lego, has finally signed a lease to open in the mall. Like ninjas in the night, we hear that this weekend the construction workers have already begun the process of a build-out within the space.

In the interim between construction and opening, the Lego Store will open a pop-up on level three. We're getting word that the fixtures are already being brought in the pop-up store. It is unsure at this time if the Lego Store located in The Shops at Northbridge will close or stay open but it wouldn't surprise us to see two Lego stores on Michigan Avenue as the Danish company has been expanding their U.S. presence lately.

The space was previously slated to be a one-time weekend-only "Indie Pop-Up Market" toward the end of last month but was delayed because they were still looking for participants in the pop-up. Late yesterday afternoon mall management was unavailable for comment. The tenant before the long time vacancy was Custo Barcelona which has since moved out of Water Tower Place.

Neighboring stores include the soon to be closed Oprah Store kiosk, Akira Footwear, The Territory Ahead, Splash which is coming soon and the entrance to Macy's which now houses an expanded bridge handbags department.

· Lego [Official Site]


835 North Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL