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Jenna & Frank Went to Balsan, Le Colonial: What They Ate and Who They Were Wearing

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Late last week, J.Crew creative director Jenna Lyons and head designer Frank Muytjens decked head to toe in their own J.Crew and sporting the new Ludlow suiting decided to fly into in town for an exclusive meet-and-greet co-hosted by UrbanDaddy at the J.Crew Gold Coast store. And like any trip to Chicago involves some major players in the food scene, this was no different.

In true jet-set style, right before the event (there was scotch and Arnold Palmers), Jenna, wearing headed over to Balsan at the Elysian Hotel for a snack-y-yum-yum. She had the tuna appetizer and a baby green salad. To wash it down, she ordered a Badoit, you know, the mineral water from Saint- Galmier, France.

Jenna's counterpart, Frank wearing a Ludlow two-button suit jacket in Irish linen, along with a close friend, also in the Ludlow fit, decided to wait until after the event to grab din-din. Within walking distance to the store, Frank and friend leisurely ordered dinner at Le Colonial. He drank the world-famous Sakitini (we have a suspicion more than one) and ate ca song; the tuna tartar appetizer with tomatoes, cilantro, and cucumber, tossed in ginger soy dressing, served with wonton crisps. This has always been one of our favorites at Le Colonial and for those of our friends who are allergic to nuts or shellfish is available both ways without the allergens. He also ordered the ca nuong la chuoi - grilled trout with oyster mushrooms, dried mushrooms & cellophane noodles, served steamed in a banana leaf with curry sauce on the side.
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UPDATE: 5/18/2011 As one of our followers on Twitter points out, Jenna Lyons was head to ankle in JCrew: "toes" are Valentino.

Le Colonial

937 N Rush, Chicago Il