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Elvis Rocks Out at Akira's Grand Opening Party in Andersonville

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When we showed up to Akira's grand opening party yesterday evening, like many other guests we were politely asked for identification before we entered the store and started in on the Goose Island 312. Bartenders were wearing tight white t-shirts and packs of American Spirits and Marlboros were rolled up into their sleeves. Their hair was greased back and they were whistling at the ladies trotting back and forth from the stock room to the dressing rooms. The store smelled of Aquanet and hors d'oeuvres as all Akira associates (and then some) dressed for the theme of the party. Guests were munching before their neighborhood dinner plans on the itty bitty 50's inspired cocktail snacks, made by Akira's next door neighbor Reza. There was a classic Wheel of Fortune and other vintage inspired props around the store along with DJ Madrid mixing oldies with current pop. But even above the 20% grand opening discount what really captured our attention was the Elvis Impersonator.

The way he lightly jogged into the room and beads of sweat were dewy on his forehead, his smokey eyes and enchanting hips took us all on a sentimental journey back to Graceland. He serenaded community-centric crowd with 50's hits and ballads while shoppers danced in their new shoes and be-bopped along to the music. Even the puppy dogs in this canine-friendly store were wagging along. Still in awe, we're wondering who he was and where he came from because it all seemed like a glitterdust mirage when we woke up this morning.
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