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May We Introduce Elizabeth Soles

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Upcoming Chicago fashion designer, Elizabeth Soles gets a kick out of ‘wearable art.’ Soles’ interest in fashion design emerged from her attention to the human body and how it can be changed and morphed through the use of fabric. This Detroit native has a compassion for researching diverse cultures and modifying her creations to be modern interpretations of aesthetics. “My most recent collection was inspired by the artwork of the Kwakiutl tribes from the Pacific Northwest,” Soles states.

Soles was most drawn to the use of line and the balance of color found in Pacific Native American totem poles and tapestries. She translated these inspirational works throughout her garments by incorporating hand made processes through her use of leather to mimic aspects of Native American apparel. “A lot of the pieces involved intensive hand made processes. The body suit, for example, was hand painted as well as the t-shirt,” Soles explains. -Braylen Barr