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Urban Outfitters "Not Cool" Ripping Off Local Designer's Work?

Left: Tru.che, Right: Urban Outfitters
Left: Tru.che, Right: Urban Outfitters

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It has happened before and it just happened again. Urban Outfitters has ripped off another independent designer: Stevie Koerner, a Chicago-based jewelry designer under the label Tru.che.

Stevie Recently quit her day job to pursue her daydream of making jewelry. As a native to a small town in Michigan, where at the age of 13 her first job was detasseling corn, she loves where she's from and being connected to nature. This is the inspiration for Tru.che's designs.

The items in question that were said to be copied are pieces from The United World of Love line which are shaped like little states made of silver with an itty bitty heart cut out. You can find Stevie's work at Magnificent Milestones, Renegade Handmade and Embellish in Chicago and Sparrow Collective and Sky High in Milwaukee. You'll probably be able to find the alternative version at Urban Outfitters.
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Magnificent Milestones

472 W Erie, Chicago Il