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Man Sets World Record for Longest Useable Yo-yo Thread On Top of a Bucktown Game Store

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This week was a true week of virtue for yo yo enthusiasts as James Buffington, founder of the Chicago Yo-yo Club stood atop the Armitage Avenue building where Cat and Mouse Game Store keeps a sparkly bustling storefront. A small crowd gathered to witness the current world record of the longest usable yo-yo string being shattered.

As of last Friday night the longest usable yo-yo thread was 10.72 m (35 ft 2 in) and was constructed and successfully demonstrated by Otis Miller of Appleton, Wisconsin. By the end of the day on Saturday, James and the Chicago Yo-yo club were reveling in their success of the new record; 39 feet, 9 3/16 inches.

As specified by the Guinness Book, every detail had to be accurately recorded from having an architect there to verify the height of the building to the weather to the material of thread he used.

The Yo-yo James used to break the record had been modified by James to accommodate amount of coiled thread. The thread had been made of a bunch of single individual polyester threads. Cat and Mouse Game Store sells Yo-yo brands like Yo Mega, Yo-yo Jam, Yo-yo Factory, Duncan which can cost anywhere from $8-$90.

Cat and Mouse Game Store

2212 W. Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL