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Royal Asscher "Stars of Africa" Diamond Ring is a Little More Awesome Than Kim Kardashian's?

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From the Royal Wedding to the Kardashian engagement, diamonds have definitely been a big topic of conversation. We have no doubt that superstar Lorraine Schwartz would only give conflict-free diamonds to a Kardashian, but it seems as we've found a another do-gooding company who sells at two Chicago jewelers; Royal Asscher.

Lester Lambert and Steve Quick are your midwestern go-tos for Royal Asscher which has provided jewelry to Royals including Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana. Recently a more contemporary collection with a charitable tie-in was created called ‘Stars of Africa’. This line has been seen on the fingers of Hollywood's A-listers like Sofia Vergara, Kat Graham, Rachel McAdams, Kate Bosworth, and Emily Blunt.

In this collection, the company's signature conflict-free diamonds are encased in a fluid filled dome move around freely which creates a floating and drifting effect that is utterly mesmerizing. Rings in this collection start at about $8,000 - a lot more accessible than the supposed $2,000,000 that Kris Humphries spent on Kim.

Royal Asscher only sources diamonds from nations that are fully compliant with the Kimberly Process, an international diamond industry initiative to stop the flow of conflict diamonds.

All of Royal Asscher's diamonds are from nations fully compliant with the Kimberly Process and proceeds from the Star of Africa line guarantees a minimum donation of $50,000 to go to the Diamond Empowerment Fund founded by Russell Simmons.
· Royal Asscher [Official Site]
· Steve Quick [Official Site]
· Lester Lampert [Official Site]

Steve Quick Jeweler

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Steve Quick

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