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Super-Polished Nail Salon Debuts in Bucktown

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If you've been walking on the North end of the Damen strip in the past few days you've probably seen the new ZaZaZoo Nail Salon's glowing storefront. With glossy white on white with zings of pink, the interior of the space is as clean as clean can get. That's just the way owner Larisa Stanojevic wants it. Larisa used her background in philosophy and her knowledge of interiors she gained from studying at Harrington to execute the design.

ZaZaZoo offers a full menu of nail treatments featuring "the no chip" and using the good 'ole standbys like OPI and Essie. Behind closed doors in the back, you'll find the waxing room with all the salon usuals plus an exotic, almost kinky face mask? we're not sure what exactly it's used for though.

The salon carries nearly the full line of Me! Bath who will be feature ZaZaZoo next month on their site. The salon also sells gift sets of seasonal colored polish and will sell footwear like Havianas. Mimosa's, however are free.
· ZaZaZoo Nail Salon [Official Site]

ZaZaZoo Nail Salon

1842 N Damen, Chicago Il