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BREAKING: Two Stores Are Setting up Shop at Bucktown's Six Corners

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Not sure if you remember way back on May 26th, but our Twitter got shot a few questions about the retail development on North Damen at North Ave. Mistakenly we responded that suspicions of an Epic Burger and AT&T were correct, but alas, we should have read our Twitter mentions more closely. Well, there's a new development in the gentrification process at North / Milwaukee / Damen intersection and honestly, it's totally our style. Phones and coffee. Kinda like they read our minds.

In fact the AT&T store is correct but the Epic Burger rumor is not. While Epic Burger has plans in the works for Skokie, Streeterville, Gold Coast and their newest location opening on Monday at Adams and Clinton in the Financial District, they have not yet secured a location in Wicker Park or Bucktown. If you're not keeping up with our favorite sister, Eater Chicago, (you should) and you want to know about an Epic Burger stores coming soon, you can download Epic Burger's new smartphone app available in the app store which has a location tab to find your nearest Epic Burger.

The lease that we're talking about today is Caribou Coffee, or in Lakeview and River North affectionately referred to as "cruise-a-bou" or "chill-a-bou". According to The Chicago Tribune's report on may 18th Minneapolis-based Caribou Coffee plans to up the ante by increasing its number of stores from 56 to as many as 300 within the next 10 years.

These ambitious plans appear to cautiously encroach on the Starbucks-saturated Chicago market with only a said 10 stores in Chicago. While the majority of the shops would be on street level occupying prime retail space, a few would be inside of grocery stores.

We believe this is a great competitive lease to add to the already heavily caffeinated ex strip north of where the other quirky freak-central coffee houses are- particularly the new Filter, Wormhole, Ipsento, and Earwax. Among the more sane nearby competitors; Starbucks and Cafe con Leche. The only thing we're missing is a place where we can buy Stumptown Coffee north of The Bagel on Damen.
· AT&T [Official Site]
· Caribou Coffee [Official Site]

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