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Unaveilable: A One Night Performance Marrying Fashion and Performance at Packer Schopf

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Earlier this year we heard from Pilsen design studio, Frei Designs there was going to be one spectacular night of conceptual bridal gowns and gettin' messy and altering the image of women wearing "the white dress" at Packer Schopf in the nearby Harpo in the West Loop.

The performance is actually the newest collaboration of fashion and performance showcasing costumes in the style of bridal by Annie Novotny of Frei Designs. The performance explores a contemporary freedom that women have to be their own bride and still conform to mothers' expectations.

In the video you are about th loyal Racked contributors have obtained, you'll find the witty and somewhat sobering experience that modern women have around the option of marriage today. Demanding freedom yet, intensely identifying with their mothers' dreams for them to become blushing, virginal, beautiful brides. In all original conceptual gowns made by Frei Designs, we're wondering if we can be invited to the wedding where stuff like this actually happens.

The co-collaborators of Happydog are Leslie Cuyjet and Muffie Connelly as the choreographers responsible for the movement and overall performance. Photographer of the performance was Paul Elliott.

Events in this three part series are completely free of charge and we appreciate this. We also understand how difficult it is for young creatives to pull together a production of this magnitude which is why we're putting in a little plug for their page. They're about $300 away from their goal which would help them complete the rest of the project.

· Packer Schopf [Official Site]
· Frei Designs [Official Site]