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Nike Debuts New Tech Marathon Gear

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As loyal Racked correspondents are eating well and staying fit in the months leading up to the Chicago Marathon, we hear that Nike is launching a whole bunch of new products and apparel to enhance our lifestyles as athletes. Rea Frey investigates...

Late last night we jogged over to the Nike Showroom on Rush at Grand in River North to discuss their newest Nike gear and to trial it on a run. With the upcoming marathon in October, where countless people will pound the pavement, this is the perfect time to get the latest Nike apparel and gadgets.

On Monday afternoon, a box of capris, shorts, a sports bra and dri-fit tops were sent to our apartment. At the event, their brand new sport watch was given to all participants to trial on a run. Once inside the showroom, a woman greeted us by name. We looked at her, perplexed, since we’d never met before. We piled into the elevator where another fellow writer asked, “Did she address you by name as well? How does she know who we are?” We all rode up to the second floor, bewildered and impressed.

The presentation was brief and informative, as bare white walls with Road to Race Day signs stared back at us and we discussed the upcoming marathon training, as well as Nike’s mission to educate their audience and get them excited about running. The most important part of Nike is that they provide the tools for the marathon, not just the gear.

Starting with footwear, they introduced the Lunar Glide 3 series (available in July), which is based off of the Nike Free series. By studying the foot, they were able to give it dynamic support in a truly exceptional stability shoe. With no points of irritation, they are beyond comfortable, fashionable and lightweight. All in all, a perfect running shoe.

Next up was the importance of the sports bra and how it is truly a piece of equipment (“that’s what she said”). There are three different types in the Victory series, all focusing on the ability to pull it over your head, have a scoop neck, a racer back, elastic band and the proper compression. There are three different types for specific preferences, and all are made for movement. (I have literally had 3 Nike sports bras for over 10 years, and they are still going strong). Another interesting fact? These series are on the same level as the professional athletes, so you can brag that you are wearing the same gear as the most popular runners. And of course, all Racked employees can run a four minute mile, no problem.

Last but not least was the Nike+ Sport Watch that combines a GPS and shoe sensor to pop into the Lunar Glide 3 (and a nifty USB connector in the watch wristband to plug right into your computer to upload your info after your runs into This watch does it all: keeps personal records and even sends you a cheer and a “record smashed” when you beat your own record. It records laps, the history of your last 50 runs and even sends you run reminders if you’re being lazy. It can be linked with specific heart rate monitors, any apple gadget, can show you a map online of the most popular runs in most major cities where you can even compete for boss titles, such as local legend and speed demon. It’s water resistant, super modern and has big numbers for those who can’t read those annoyingly small numbers on most watches. - Rea Frey
· Nike [Official Site]