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Attention Bag Ladies and Costume Freaks: TLC's What Not to Wear is Casting in Chicago Through the End of the Week

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Do you know someone who has a wardrobe that is so out of control that people stop and stare? If yes, the producers for What Not to Wear want to hear about it, see how hideous your best friend can dress and how embarrassing your boyfriend and his goatee is. The selected candidate will receive a whole new wardrobe and a whopping $5,000 shopping spree in New York.

Go ahead, fill out the fields below and send it to the casting director. Oh, and let 'em know Racked sent you.

Marital Status:
Home location:
Describe her personality:
Describe her style in full detail:
At least 2 pictures that illustrate her lack of style:
Nominator’s contact info:
· TLC [Official Site]