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Jane Weber Shares Do's and Do Not's for Wedding Announcements

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One of the Gold Coast's most popular custom print and stationary shops has most graciously provided us with some tips on what to do and not do when you're getting ready for your wedding hullabaloo. With over 30 years in the business of "proper" paper, we don't take these tips lightly, we're actually honored that Jane Weber, Ink! located on the 5th Floor of the 900 North Michigan Avenue Shops inside the Bloomingdales Mall has decided to share these tips with us.

Jane Weber, Ink! Do's
When planning out the timeline of your invites make sure to account about six months in advance for a "save the date" invite. If the wedding occurs on a holiday weekend your guests will need a little more time to make travel arrangements.

Along the same lines, on your "save the date" invitation if you have reserved blocks of rooms at a hotel for your out of town guests make sure to note this on the "save the date"

Provide a clear description of the service letting guests know what to expect. i.e. if its a longer service, if it's an outdoor service, let them know so the ladies don't wear 4 inch stilettos.

When ordering programs for your wedding allow ample time for proofing. There are many proper names, readings, musical selections that are prone to misspellings. In many cases the clergy will also require proofing before the ceremony.

If you're going to put "welcome bags" in the hotel rooms for your out of town guests consider putting a schedule or a list of events in there as well as a list of places they may want to visit. i.e. Navy Pier, Lincoln Park Zoo, The Botanic Gardens and shopping districts.

Jane Weber, Ink! Do Not's

Do Not panic when one invitee gets their invitation one day and another invitee in the same building did not get theirs. The Post Office is a mystery to us and there is no rhyme or reason for erratic delivery. Instead pick a time, like ten days and if it still has not come assume it's lost and send another.

Don't worry about coordinating the color of your invites, and "save the date" invites with your bridesmaid dress colors. These pieces are opened in the invitees homes and need to stand by themselves and look great. The fact that they may not match something they see eight weeks later is not important.

If you're having a brunch the day after or sending invites for the rehearsal dinner make sure that they are not put in the same envalopes as the wedding invitations themselves. The Wedding is the main event and you don't want anything to detract from its importance.

If you're hiring a calligrapher to write out the names and addresses, do not hold the names until the list is complete - give the list of names and addresses to the calligrapher as they come in. You can "plug in" the stragglers as you get them. The same applies with the seating cards. Give the names to the calligrapher in advance and sine the table numbers will probably not be finalized until the week of the wedding the calligrapher can add the table numbers at the very end? thats the easiest part of the job.
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