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Meet Mister James Vincent

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James Vincent, Director of Artistry for The Makeup Show in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, knows exactly what women want. The former women’s studies major can connect to his clients with ease by making insecurities vanish with flawless makeup applications. “Why am I buying this?” is the important question consumers ask and he answers. Simple, to make him or her feel better about oneself.
Vincent joked about his process stating, “Little on the lip, little on the cheek, and push that bitch out of the chair!” The famous makeup artist, whose clientele includes Jane Fonda, Obama, Passion Pit, Spank Magazine, David LaChapelle and Charlotte Ronson, believes that his job as a beauty expert is to simply mentor. His most recent work can be seen in Gaga’s “Born this Way” video.- Shelby Steiner

The Make Up Show

1044 W Randolph, Chicago IL