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How to Graciously Excuse Yourself from Going to a Wedding

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Since it's Wedding Week, and since we're determined to cover every aspect of the nuptial experience, we figured it was only fair to discuss the very real phenomenon of wedding fatigue. If you've never experienced it, just wait: Eventually, on some broiling August day, you'll realize that you're about to drag a date across state lines to celebrate the enduring love between someone you barely know and someone you've never met. And you'll wonder: Do I really have to go to this?
Peggy Post, wedding etiquette expert and director of The Emily Post Institute, says you can indeed get out of attending a wedding with class and dignity—but you have to be careful about it. First of all, don't lie. "You can be honest very benevolently," Post says. And secondly, make sure you've got a good reason. You can't just blurt, "I really don't want to come to your wedding," but it's perfectly acceptable to say something along the lines of "I looked into it and I can't afford to buy a ticket and fly out to California." Read more [Racked NY]