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Where You Can Find The Cheapest Tiara in All of Chicagoland

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'Tis the season for nuptials and t'aint no better way to add onto an already fabulous hairdo than a tiara, veil, or crown. If you're not sure if the marriage will last, if you really want a statement piece or if its just a shotgun wedding and you don't have time to wait around for custom headwear, we feel like a tiara from the 4500 block of Clark might be the best way to go.

We found a few places where brides on a budget can find a tiara but buyer beware, the exchange / refund / return policies are non-existent and in some of the shops you've got to have a tax ID number.

The least expensive tiara we found was at Nabi Accessories at $3.50.We also found a pretty substantial crown here for a very good price. Nabi Accessories is steps away from its sister stores Nabi Fashion where you can find extremely low cost bridal and Nabi Clothing where you can buy a Gucci-esque handbag.

On the highest end we found tiaras hovering around $150 at Pe-Co Trading and they were massive and came in two layers of plastic wrap so the jewels had a little more protection. In the same line at Pe-Co we also found a few bejeweled scepters.

One store that you absolutely need a camera and a license to shop wholesale is Ace International Trading Company at 4520 N Clark. The guys who work there will gladly show you the jewelry and sparkly hair ware which is priced well but not as inexpensively as neighboring stores like Fox Village, A-One Trading, or So Good Accessories Inc.. In this store you can find actual knock-offs we're talking the best knock-offs and more jewelry than you can shake a scepter at this far north of Cermak.