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Update: Smaller Format CityTarget Puts a Sign in the Window

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We've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new Target on State Street. So we were pleasantly surprised to see the discount chain's iconic Bullseye logo prominently displayed in the window of the historic Sullivan Center. It's one of the first urban concept stores for the Minneapolis-based retailer. Known as CityTargets, these smaller locations will offer a much more tightly curated selection of merchandise than the regular Targets, whose massive foot-prints and endless aisles of "stuff" are formatted for suburban areas - even when placed in cities. The CityTarget will offer fresh produce, apartment necessities, and the much loved designer collaborations.

Interestingly, this is the first Target to ever be housed in a building on the United States National Historic Landmark register. The space underwent a costly renovation with $10 million in TIF funds provided by the City of Chicago for the iron work alone, a feature that will clearly be a prominent element of Target's exterior appearance. -Amy Creyer
· Target [Official Site]


33 S State Street, Chicago Il