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Accessories You Can Wear Yachting on Lake Michigan on the 4th of July

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So you just got an invite to one of the most fantastic 4th of July yacht parties coming out of Dusable Harbor next weekend and you haven't got proper ear candy! Oh no, the last thing ever on the entire face of the earth that should ever happen are naked earlobes on a yacht. (unless you're coming out of Belmont Harbor but we'll save that one for later) Don't worry, we're foreseeing a possible meltdown in the impulse section at Macy's on State so we're going to try to help out with this one. Before you head to Macy's think about calling up jewelry maven Denise Ilitch from our sister shores of Michigan.

All of the pieces we picked out from Denise's shop are reasonably priced and function as both afternoon and evening pieces. From a casual afternoon beyond the breakwater to a fireworks and champagne filled evening, these pieces say happy 4th in the best way without being over the top.
· Denise Ilitch [Official Site]