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Chrome Bags Brings Back the Classic Wicker Park Party

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One of the world's leading manufacturers of bike messenger bags, footwear and urban cycling apparel, Chrome Bags have now christened their third retail flagship store right here in Wicker Park.

To celebrate the opening, Chrome threw a rowdy throwdown complete with the Gastrowagon food truck, Miller Highlife beer koozies and someone standing on a table and announcing something to the effect of "The neighbors want us to move our bikes away from their door and quiet down".

As soon as Chrome's doors opened on June, 4th one of the most popular product lines was the Chrome Customs line where customers can entirely customize their bag at the sewing station feature which takes prominence in the store. Other features of the store are the fully functional dry cleaners rack and custom built shelving from reclaimed materials.

· Photography by Amy Creyer
· Chrome [Oficial Site]