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Blagojevich Merchandise is Already For Sale

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So its now official— Blagojevich is guilty as charged. Late yesterday, minutes after the Blago verdict had been announced, we noticed people are already buying tee shirts and tote bags and other fun stuff stamped with Blago imagery.

Blago’s groupies and haters alike have beelined to CafePress, the go-to site for customizable merchandise. This is the same site responsible for the “royal wedding crasher” and “Weinergate” tees. We frequent the site occasionally because its a well-priced outlet for our sporadic bursts to create tongue-in-cheek tee-shirts.

Here's a gallery of some of the first designs put on the site “honoring” the convicted governor-turned-salesman. We have a feeling that this merchandise battle is just starting because already CafePress has over 590 options for Blago-related merchandise. We're envisioning Blago emblemized tin cups, blago joke bathroom tissue, blago sheepskin prophylactics, cornfield mazes in his likeness, and of course more tote bags. We also expect a special exhibition at one of the museums in Springfield and pop up shops at state fairs - but lets not get ahead of ourselves, we need investors first.
· CafePress [Official Site]