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Curbed Reports: Wal-Mart is Coming to Wrigleyville

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And now, from our favorite cousin on the flip side of town, Curbed Chicago gives us the skinny on the situation in Wrigleyville at the Recycled Paper Greetings building just north of all of those nifty little shops on Broadway.

Yesterday morning, we reported a rumor that Wal-Mart was planning to open a store in the old Recycled Paper Greetings building at 3636 N. Broadway. By evening, those gumshoe reporters over at Crain's followed up the scoop and confirmed it. Naturally, community groups in Wrigleyville are grumbling about it, and new 46th-ward alderman James Cappleman sounds a little miffed that he's the last person to find out about it. (He first heard about it last week, but Wal-Mart apparently didn't contact him until yesterday afternoon.) Read more. [Curbed Chicago]

Recycled Paper Greetings Building

3636 N Broadway, Chicago Il