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Men's Picks: What to Wear to a 4th of July Bonfire at the Indiana Dunes

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You wanted to get out of the city this coming weekend so you're driving out to the Indiana Dunes State Park for a beach bonfire. Besides the Ben's 30% Deet from Flight 001 and a bottle of Koval's famous Lion's Pride whiskey you're probably going to need to wear something comfortable and casual but still tells people you're not a bum who smells like beef jerky.

Ok guys, from all of the men on staff up here in the blogosphere, we know you like to shop but we don't want to work too hard finding something you can wear and of course you want it to be reasonably priced and versatile for wear in the city. Other than that, we're not really high maintenance - which is why we suggest Cohesive & Co.'s S/S collection for a 4th of July beach bonfire.

The Cohesive & Co. styles we've put together meld rebellion and tradition by reinterpreting historic menswear trends with a current aesthetic. The items in the collection like the 100% cotton hooded henleys and Glen Oaks button downs speak preppy-meets-street in a non-pretentious, non-hipster way. Included in the selection are also lightly distressed white denim (the SYNC) which can be read as patriotic beach festive without seeming too douchey.

Cohesive's silhouettes are easily recognizable fresh and progressive with ingenious tailoring and unrestrained wearability perfect for a breezy evening around the bonfire.
· Cohesive & Co [Official Site]