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Floyd A. Davis IV: Maker of Gentleman's Boombox, Owner of Artpentry and Co-owner of Code of Conduct

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Maybe you saw on our Twitter last friday we gave away a second pair of tickets to this past Sunday's Dose Market in River East. Hopefully you saw us there - we went early to beat the crowds. Throughout the day we heard it was sprinkled with heavy hitters like Grant Achatz and Richard Gamble.

Our second ever Twitter giveaway was live-tweeted on location from inside a South Loop tattoo studio called Code of Conduct. While we were exploring the shop and giving clues to our Tweeps of how to win our Twitter giveaway, we were talking to Owner, Floyd A. Davis IV about the making of the Gentleman's Boombox (sold at Dose) among other current projects.

The reason we chose Code of Conduct is because its more than a tattoo studio - its a lifestyle extension where you can buy denim, accessories, artwork, and buy a grey ostrich skin briefcase with built in speakers.

In the front lounge guests can play childhood favorite; Operation, doodle on an Etch-A-Sketch or play X Box on the leather couches as they wait for a tattoo artist to free up. Code of Conduct has been privileged to draw on such celebs as David Arquette, Zoe Kravitz and the controversial Hayden Panettiere from Heros.

Among Code of Conduct's products, is a line from another Floyd's other company Artpentry is called Gentleman's Boombox. Floyd produces these boomboxes from upcycled attaché cases, train cases, beauty boxes, roller skate cases steamer trunks and apparel trunks. He sources the bodies of the Boombox from antique stores around the midwest, his mother, grandmother and supportive friends just leaving the suitcases on Artpentry's doorstep.

Artpentry is a design studio specializing in retail and residential contracts to design and build functional spaces for people. He describes Artpentry as universe where he creates music, paints, builds sculpture and designs digitally.Some recent clients include the new design of Art + Science in Lincoln Park and Jugernaut in the South Loop.

As Floyd describes the concept of the interior of Code of Conduct as luxurious and contemporary. He tells us the goal was to make an environment that was composed of simple materials and make it look high-end. "I took a few stacks of plywood and a few 2x6s and in the end it had to look elegant- this was a challenge but my team made it work well."
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Code of Conduct

14 E 11th Street, Chicago, IL