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Havaianas North Ave Beach Pop-up Opens

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Yesterday evening several bloggers and a bajillion beach go-ers descended upon North Avenue Beach for the grand opening beach party BBQ for the Make Your Own Havaianas pop-up hut. Hosts Nikia Jefferson, Amy Creyer, Emma Arnold, Billy Dec, Jenna Gambaccini, and Nicole Pearl were all in attendance snapping pics - which you can see and read about on their respective blogs.

Of course, we were interested in getting in on some Brazilian action too. So we challenged people to show us their excitement for their new custom flip flops from showcasing the flops from shoulder-height and above. (not on their feet). What did we get? A whole lot of fabulous ridiculousness.

Go visit the Havaianas beach hut which is modeled after a Brazilian fruit stand located at North Ave Beach. Each pair in any crazy color combo is only $25 plus you have the option to add as many embellishments as you want. The pop-up is open now through July 31st.
· Havaianas [Official Site]