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Construction Woes for Oliver Peoples; Delayed in Opening

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Considering many of the harsh restrictions and crazy-time laws Chi-town has in place to keep us safe, one week isn't that long to wait for the freshest edition of snazzy spectacles this side of the Mississippi. We're talking about why Oliver Peoples wasn't able to open last week when they were supposed to.

For a few days at the beginning of last week, there was a sign on the door announcing the opening date as the 25th. Then, without notice, the sign was removed and the opening date was pushed back due to construction issues.

The City of Chicago has one of the most gosh darn confusing rule books in the lower 48 about what you can, can't do, and how the penmanship on your permits has to look. Yes, its all in the plan to keep us safe, but sometimes when these strict city rules hinder our ability to spend cash, we wonder what it all means? double rainbow style.
· The City of Chicago [Official Site]
· Oliver Peoples [Official Site]

25 E Oak Street, Chicago, IL